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Who is Tom Dunn?

Tom Dunn is a young Australian Adventurer/Advocate. Despite being just 27 years old, Tom has already raised over $100,000 for charity through his ultra endurance adventures. By pushing himself to surpass his own and others' expectations, Tom has realised that “Anyone can do anything, if given the opportunity”. 


The story so far..

Growing up in rural Victoria, Australia, Tom was not an obvious pick to become an adventurer. Not a fan of fast rides, heights or anything too different, he was just another kid in a country town.

His first trip, Kayaking the Murray for Aurora, (a solo kayak descent of Australia's longest river) came together completely by chance. Bored at University and aware he was wasting his potential and time, Tom wanted to see what he was capable of. The idea to kayak the Murray appealed (More about why here) and 40 days and 2,200km later Tom had kayaked the Murray River and had set a new standard for himself. 

During the trip there were countless hours alone on the river and this, combined with the overall physical exhaustion, left a toll. Yet despite those tough moments, when Tom handed over a cheque of almost $15,000 to a charity of personal significance (raised from followers of the journey) Tom realised he was onto something good...


Tom's second trip a few years later took things to another level. Hopping on a Stand Up Paddle board for the very first time in early 2017, Just 3 weeks later Tom travelled by SUP 3,800km down the length of Australia's longest continuous river system (setting a world first on the way) and raised over $81,000 for Deaf Children Australia.

This trip, (known as SUP4DCA) gave children with hearing loss, in rural and remote Australia, the opportunity to chase their own goals and while completing SUP4DCA Tom also found his own goal.  
'Advocacy through Adventure' is Tom's goal to create a life he is proud of; to be able to follow his passions and benefit others while he does it.

Using the platform that comes from record-setting adventurers Tom has begun to promote various charities and causes. In 2018 Tom completed an unsupported and unguided hike to Everest Base Camp (MNN) to raise awareness for human trafficking survivors. Later the same year he completed a journey the length of the Australian continent raising funds for the Melbourne Indigenous Transition School. While he continues to pursue his best with his epic journey's, Tom also raises attention for others who deserve to have their story heard too.

Tom's Interview Series showcases young Australian Adventurers and Advocates who have also completed extraordinary efforts. 

Now four trips in, Tom's already working on his next trip. In the meantime Tom is using talks and presentations, (along with this website) to inspire others and to explain how 'anyone can do anything, if they are given the opportunity'. 


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