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21 Days of hiking in the Himalayas (including reaching Everest Base Camp)  to help abolish modern slavery.

In April 2018 Tom flew out to Nepal for a challenge that was as physically demanding as it was mentally. Make Noise Nepal was a joint project with 30 Million to None and aimed to make a positive impact on the sadly high rates of modern slavery present in 2018.

After landing in Kathmandu. Tom spent some time speaking with the SASANE organisation. SASANE are an organisation that attacks modern slavery from the front line, rescuing trafficking victims and then educating and empowering to help them break the cycle of slavery. Tom's time at SASANE was short but confronting. Hearing how poorly treated trafficking victims can be treated was tough but but being served tea by a survivor (a 13 year old girl who had been rescued from a brothel just 2 months earlier) was particularly confronting.

Using the experiences of SASANE as motivation Tom then traveled to Jirri to begin his trek.  After 21 days of sweat and strain, including a bout of altitude sickness and even getting lost in a white out, Tom successfully returned to Jiri. During those 21 days Tom had gained over 15,000m of elevation, reached a highest point of 5,640m and made it to Everest Base Camp.

The experience was not what Tom set out for, but in a good way. The challenges of this trip came from different angles than he had previously experienced. An appreciation for what most take for granted (their freedom), and seeing how much an individual can overcome only strengthened Tom's belief that "Anyone can do anything, if given the opportunity".

If you would like to learn more about modern slavery you can do so by visiting

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