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"The reward of completing a personal challenge that  benefits someone else's life.... it's a feeling that can't be matched." 


Through Tom's journeys he has begun to push the tag line 'Advocacy through Adventure'... but what is it?? Tom explains below..

"I consider myself a very lucky person. Growing up not only have I had food, shelter and safety, but my parents also provided me every opportunity they could. I can honestly say I've been allowed to follow my passions. I've explored 6,000km of Australian river, moved across the world, have a great group of family and friends, and I'm grateful. 
Not everyone gets the same opportunities. Disability, war, social inequality... there are a thousand reasons why one child may not be given the same opportunities as another.  
I consider myself a lucky person because not only have I been given every opportunity to do the things I enjoy, but I now see my own passions as a way of giving others that same opportunity. 

In January 2017 I stood on a SUP board for the first time and said I was going to paddle Australia's longest continuous river system. I didn't have the experience or the skills and people laughed at me. They told me I would fail. But with self belief I willed myself to overcome the obstacles I faced and completed the trip. It taught me a lesson.

                                          "Anyone can do anything if given the opportunity." 

I don't like blood, I'm not going to become a doctor and heal the sick and injured. 
I'm not fearlessly brave, I'm not going to be a fireman and run into a burning building to save a kitten. 
I like adventures, and I'm going to use them to give others the belief that despite any challenges they face they can become whatever they want. Doctor, firefighter or other.  

So far I've raised over $97,000 for charity and am aiming to get to $1million eventually. In the meantime the goal is to give people the belief that 'Anyone can do Anything'...." 


While a dollar figure is the easiest way to measure impact, Tom is also working hard to bring awareness and change mindsets about disabilities and those less fortunate. Promoting the line of 'Anyone can do anything if given the opportunity' Tom has given several talks on his trips and his advocacy goal to help inspire others 

Want to book Tom for a presentation about his charity efforts? Get in contact  


While Tom may be proud of his efforts, he's also fully aware that he is definitely not the only young Australian out there doing something special. The Young Australian Adventurer/Advocate Interview series is another initiative by Tom to help inspire. Read as Tom questions some of the most incredible young Australians about their passions and how they are using the to shape their future. 

Click the images below to see the full series. 

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