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ALT Product Review: Malachowski/Sea to Summit.

Throughout much of the ALT trip talking about where I had slept the night before seemed to get the most interest from family, friends and followers. Looking back on it, the attention was probably deserved; I stayed in some, uh, unique places.. For example.... The banks of a croc infested river, inside the change room of a public toilet, behind a toilet block on a highway, a beer garden in a pub, an actual garden in a park (next to the sprinkler, not my best sleep), a showground, under a hedge, on the edge of a school oval, public park, someone backyard, remote lakeside beach and many more interesting and bizzare places. (I also had many incredibly lovely people open their doors and let me sleep in their spare bed for a night and many more offered too. I haven't forgotten, and thank-you!) Throughout the journey, whilst where I slept was constantly changing, the need for a good nights rest remained the same. Despite sleeping in all sorts of spots all down the east coast of Australia, each night I always got the best night sleep that location had to offer thanks to the incredible little house I carried with me. Every night, in every location, I would pull out four little bags and begin my routine to prepare for sleep. Bag one; Sea To Summit Spotlight Bivy, XL, Green Bag two; Sea To Summit Ultralight Self Inflating sleeping mat, Large, Orange Bag three; Sea To Summit Air Pillow Lite, Large, Red, Bag four; Malachowski Sleeping Bag, Grey Now I don't know the answer to what most would call the 'important details". Off the top of my head I can't tell you the weight in grams of all these items, nor can I tell you their exact pack down size. I know that the biggest bag wasn't as long as my forearm, the combined weight of all four was barely worth mentioning, and that the combination of the four bags stretched out into a sleeping set up that was relatively roomy and comfy for myself (who stands at 6'4"). The reason I don't know the exact specifics of those items is that this trip was my first proper self supported trip, and due to that, exact weights and sizes to me were trivial as I planned my gear. Sleep though was important. Knowing I needed to get it right, but not having any idea which detail was to start I asked the brands and people who I trusted, and took with me the products that they recommended. Thankfully I can say I got good advice. My Sea to Summit gear was quick to set up, ultra-durable and a hassle free pack up every morning. The Malachowski sleeping bag was not only practical, but it was probably the closest thing I had to a 'comfort' item out of every piece of gear I took with me. Made out of goose-down, the sleeping bag breathed and was comfortable to lie on during 40+ degrees up on the Cape York Peninsula. Yet it was also warm and snug in the sub zero temperatures as I crossed the Great Dividing Range in N.S.W. Each location I stopped at along my journey was less than ideal for a good nights rest, but my gear made sure that I was getting the best possible from every location. If you're planning a big trip like mine and want the very best gear I can honestly say I recommend the gear I used. If you'd like specific details on all the gear, or if you'd like to do what I did and trust the professionals you can get in touch with both brands. Sea To Summit: Email: Malachowski: (Malachowski's Australian distributer is John from The Hiking Society) Email:

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