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With Make Noise Nepal (MNN) just being officially announced here's a look at what's going on in a bit more detail...... What are you doing? In March of 2018 I will spend time in Nepal bringing attention to 30 Million to None's cause - the abolishment of modern day slavery. I will then spend a month hiking in the Himalayas (peaking at 17,660ft at Mt Everet Base Camp) to raise funds for SASANE, an survivor led organisation preventing the trafficking of girls and women in Nepal. Why hike in Nepal/Everest? Nepal sees around 7,000 girls and women trafficked out and into India every year. While hiking through the Himalayas and up Everest (the worlds tallest mountain) is a natural drawcard, the opportunity to go and meet with trafficking survivors, and be guided by them along my trek was a unique opportunity I wasn't going to turn down. Everyone knows how big of a challenge Everest is, but to compare it to the harrowing stories of life as a slave will make an interesting experience. Why with 30 Milllion/SASANE? 30 Mil are an organisation that is trying to make an impact and improve others lives, I completely support that. I was initially contacted by 30 Mil's founder Brayden and he threw out the idea that has morphed into MNN. For me personally, it was going to be tough to turn down the allure of doing Mt Everest, but the opportunity to do it with a purpose and to use it to benefit others it what made me get excited about MNN. The funds we raise will go towards SASANE, a survivor led organisation that trains female trafficking survivors as paralegals or for other employment. The program allows the survivors to have a voice in their own future, and perhaps for the first time in their life. SASANE is an organisation that is putting into action what MNN is trying to promote - abolishment of modern slavery. How far will you hike per day? The trek should see an average of around 12km per day for a month. Of course the big challenge with Everest is it's gradient and the acclimatization needed to cope with the thinner air for every meter higher above sea level. Everest Base Camp (EBC) is over twice the height of Australia's tallest mountain, so it's a matter of coping, not putting out big km this time. Are you breaking any records? Around 30,000 people attempting EBC each year so no world firsts this time. To be content in my challenge, instead of following the pack I will taking a considerably longer route than most. I'm going to hike up and back from Jiri as opposed to the commercial fly in fly out option from Lukla and I'll also plan to detour via the Gokyo Lakes, adding significant time and km's to the trek. What Training and Gear? Not wanting to risk altitude sickness I'm going to try and complete a bit of training to keep myself in decent shape and ready for the demands of the climb. I'm fortunate that unlike my KMA and SUP4DCA trips I'm not learning a new skill set to complete the trip, it's just a matter of walking up and up and up... Leading up to EBC are a series of tea houses that allow a hiker not to carry camping gear. Instead I'll use the extra room in my bag for equipment to document the trip. Otherwise it's fairly standard hiking equipment tailored to suit the demands of the climate. (I'll release a video of my gear before the trip commences). So how do we follow? MNN will be a little bit different to my previous trips in the sense that I'll be unnable to upload a daily blog while on the journey due to reception on the mountain. Instead, I'll share the experience of meeting the survivors in Kathmandu (before the hike commences) and as often as possible I'll look to send out an update (I will be uploading a satellite tracking beacon every day which will allow you to follow the climb in real time). I'll also document the whole experience with film and share this post trip. What's the expectations for MNN? I'm expecting this to be a life changer, perception wise. I was planning a separate trip when this opportunity came up and I grasped it without thinking twice. As a result I'm no expert on modern slavery and I'm looking forward to sharing what I learn. Freedom is something I (and perhaps many others) take for granted, and I'm expecting the stories I hear to be emotionally challenging to process. Your goals? Number 1 goal is to complete the climb. Number 2 is to raise $17,660 (the height of EBC in feet) through MNN. | Number 3, as always, is to show that "Anyone can do anything if given the opportunity". Finally, why? Why do another trip? Challenge is addicting. I've done some paddling and raised some money, but I'm not ready to rest on my laurels yet. I'd still like to challenge myself further, and help others while I do it, so it's time for trip number 3!. Follow @whattomhasdunn or @30milliontonone to keep up to date as information on Make Noise Nepal is released.

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