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30 Million to None.. Who?

Make Noise Nepal will be a joint venture @30milliontonone and as a result I'll be mentioning them more than once throughout the next few months. So, here's an opportunity for me to introduce 30MTN and explain who they are and what they are about. 30 Million to None is a group of everyday people looking to make a real difference in the lives of others through raising awareness and educating people on the horrors of modern slavery. It's estimated that there are 30 million slaves worldwide in 2017 and so their goal is to reduce that number back to 'none'. Created following volunteer work undertaken by its members, 30 Million to None has grown from one person with a laptop, to a team of people with big goals. The team consists of young professionals with experience in international law, human rights law, journalism and media studies. These skills are used to provide their followers with information on how modern slavery occurs is today’s world, as well as what the common person can do to help combat issues such as human trafficking, forced labour and child marriage. Their digital presence has been influential, with large non-governmental organisations expressing their approval for their content, as well as discussing how future efforts against modern slavery should be undertaken. 30 Million to None have also had a significant physical presence, having presented to schools and universities in both Australia and overseas. Make Noise Nepal will be 30 Million to None’s first fundraising action and together with myself (@whattomhasdunn) we are very excited to see the difference we can make. If you'd like information on what modern slavery is, or how it impacts the lives of those enslaved, then check out for more details. Get ready to Make Noise on modern slavery and to make a difference. #MNN2018

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