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Imagine doing something fun... Imagine doing something that you think is beyond your capabilities, but you decide to try it anyway to test yourself. Imagine you make this 'challenge' your goal, and you work around the clock to try and achieve it. You train or practice in every spare moment you have, you memorise facts and calculate data, all in preparation for when that challenge comes. Imagine that when it does come it's the toughest thing you've ever done. It breaks you down physically until you're exhausted, and mentally the task is so tough that you wish you were anywhere else in the world. What you are going through is tough but you realise in that moment that you have a choice. You can quit, or you can choose to fight through the challenge to achieve your goal. Imagine that with determination you complete your challenge and you realise that you are now a stronger and better person than you were before. Imagine knowing that you can do anything you put your mind to. Imagine that people were watching that growth in you. Imagine that they enjoyed the story of you undertaking the challenge. They urged you through the setbacks, and they helped celebrate your successes. They told you that you inspired them to take on their own challenges and that they felt compelled to pay you for their overall enjoyment of your challenge. Imagine the funds you collect are worth over $80,000. Imagine all you could do with that money, all the things you could buy and all the fun you could have, but instead, you give that money away. Imagine handing every cent to an organisation that helps others. Others who didn't feel the pain or the headaches on your trip, but others who could use a helping hand. Imagine watching as your hard earnt money is used to help someone believe in themselves. While that person will never know your name, in the future they might realise their own dreams and surpass their own perceived capabilities, thanks to the money you raised. Imagine the feeling of pride as you realise that you might not have changed the world, but that money has changed someone else's life for the better. Imagine the growth, the pride and the happiness that the idea of 'doing something fun' has brought you Imagine the otherside of this story. Imagine doing something fun... and then having to forget it instantly. Imagine that in place of that idea, your mind turns back to the hunger or the fear inside you. Instead of spending your time working towards your passion or dreams, you're forced to do something else. You're forced to work around the clock until you're physically exhausted or you complete tasks so vile that mentally you wish you were anywhere else in the world. Imagine you don't have a dollar to your name, and the only person who can help you put food on your families table is also the person who forces you to work without a break and without safety equipment. Imagine realising that you have no choice. Due to fear of physical or sexual abuse, hunger, or even death, you're tortured into undertaking a challenge you didn't ask for. Imagine that you swallow what little pride you have left and you do what you are told. You become a weaker person and less yourself. You realise that you can be made to do anything someone else puts their mind to. Now imagine an organisation steps in and offers you a helping hand. Imagine the organisation separates you from the negative influence in your life. They encourage you to make a decision to do something you're proud of, and they allow you to do it. Imagine the organisation takes away the fear in your life and replaces it with a choice, a choice to take back your life. Imagine that thanks to their support you feel human again, and you feel a part of this world. Imagine the happiness you feel, and as your life becomes free, you too can imagine doing something fun..

----- After already completing 6,000km of adventure paddling and raising over $97,000 for charity, I've regularly been asked "Why complete another trip? Why not be satisfied with what you've already done?" In two months I will attempt to climb to Everest Base Camp and with the aid of @30MillionToNone help start the abolishment of modern slavery.

@30 MillionToNone have imagined a world without slavery, and I'm going try to help make that a reality. Donate now at

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